Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

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Dr. Tracy Dalgleish is a psychologist and couples therapist. A sought-after relationship expert, she has been working with couples and individual clients for over 15 years. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa and owns a mental health clinic in Ottawa, Ontario, and was awarded the Top 40 Under 40. She is the host of the top ranking podcast, "I'm Not Your Shrink" and makes relationship and mental health tools more accessible to people around the world through her online webinars and teachings. Dr. Tracy has contributed to several media outlets, including Meta, NBC, and Motherly. She co-authored a chapter in Attachment Theory and Research, as well as The Emotionally Focused Casebook. She provides regular sessions focused on building resilience to large corporations. Dr. Tracy lives with her husband and two children.
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