Elle Wild

Elle Wild

ELLE WILD grew up in a dark, rambling farmhouse in the wilds of Canada where there was nothing to do but read Edgar Allan Poe and watch PBS mysteries. Wild’s debut novel, Strange Things Done, is a two time Arthur Ellis Award Winner. In 2017, she won “Best First Novel”, presented by Kobo, and in 2015 won the Arthur Ellis Unhanged for “Best Unpublished Mystery”. Strange has been on multiple shortlists for other awards internationally and was a recent Winner in Women in Film’s “From Our Dark Side” genre writing competition. As such, she is participating in a 5-month film incubation program and will be pitching Strange at the FRONTIÈRES international co-production film & television festival in Montreal in July 2017. Wild is also an award-winning short filmmaker and the former writer/host of the CBC radio program Wide Awake. Her short fiction has been published in Ellery Queen Magazine and, in June 2017, an anthology of literary fiction by the Canadian Authors Association. Her latest literary short, California Pure, earned Second Place in the National Capital Writing Competition in May 2017. Recently returned from the U.K., Wild resides on an island in the Salish Sea named after the bones of dead whales. Please visit http://www.strangethingsdone.ca for more news about Elle Wild and Strange Things Done.
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