Giorgio Garofalo

Giorgio Garofalo

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Award winning author, Giorgio Garofalo writes epic fantasy adventure stories and is the Amazon bestselling author of the Korian series. Raised steeped in strict Sicilian culture and tradition, he's always found comfort in music and books, often escaping to safe places where his vivid imagination could spend some time. Even at a young age, on those seemingly endless occasions when extended family would gather to share a meal . . . or two, Giorgio would be off in his own world, sitting in the corner with a book. Giorgio is a native of Toronto and has resided in or around the area most of his life. He lives in a suburb outside the city with his wife and his finicky dog. You can usually find him cruising nearby country roads on his motorcycle while dreaming up wondrous worlds, and the unique creatures and characters that live in them. When not reading, riding or writing, he plays his guitars while sipping smoky scotch from Islay.
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