John Purkiss

John Purkiss

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Despite having studied and worked hard, I got completely stuck. Nothing in my life was working. Then I learned to meditate and let go. My situation improved rapidly. Within six months I had a highly-paid job with one of the world's largest executive search (headhunting) firms. I noticed that many of the people I met were trying to market themselves (to me) but didn't know how. Having become a partner, I co-founded a new firm and began writing books. The first was 'How To Be Headhunted'. Most people are never headhunted. They get promoted, or answer an advertisement or find a job through personal contacts. Many people are self-employed. Some are non-executive directors, sitting on the boards of several companies. This led to my second book, 'Brand You', which is designed to help everyone to discover their purpose/mission and market themselves effectively. In recent years I've been struck by how many people find life difficult. It's usually because they're trying to do everything through mental and physical effort - as I did. Fortunately, there's an alternative, which is much more productive and enjoyable. When we let go, we tune into something far more intelligent than our individual brains. My new book is called 'The Power of Letting Go'. It was published in the UK and the USA in 2020, and has just been translated into Spanish.
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