K.T. Dixon

K.T. Dixon

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K.T. Dixon was born on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, but soon after his birth the family returned to their native homeland of Tennessee. He grew up in Nashville and a passion for storytelling developed in his younger years as senior family members shared their southern tales over the dinner table. When the tropics called out in the mid nineteen-nineties, K.T. headed for Florida. There he discovered a treasure-trove of fantastic tales filled with colorful characters and amazing adventures that were a throwback to the stories he loved to hear as a child. K.T. now offers some of those Florida tales in an old-fashion style with a hint of modern day flair that creates a fun and pleasurable literary fusion. The stories are filled with excitement, adventure and emotion, and the characters are exactly what you would expect from the land of the infamous Hanging Chad. K.T. Dixon resides in Orlando, Florida and travels the state in search of tales, but he always takes the time to enjoy a good book. Ernest Hemingway, Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry are just a few of the local authors that he loves to read. K.T. plays golf, fishes coastal waters, and has been known to spend some time at the poker table on occasion. This author can be reached via e-mail; readktdixon@gmail.com.
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