Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies is a British science journalist and editor. He is currently the executive editor of The CRISPR Journal, based in New York. Kevin studied at Oxford University and moved to the U.S. in 1987 after earning his PhD in genetics. He is the founding editor of the journal Nature Genetics and Bio-IT World magazine, former editor-in-chief of Cell Press, and the first publisher of C&EN, the weekly magazine of the American Chemical Society. "EDITING HUMANITY" is Kevin's fourth book, and first for Pegasus Books. He published "The $1,000 Genome" in 2010 and "Cracking the Genome," about the race for the Human Genome Project, in 2000. His first book, "Breakthrough," co-authored with the late Michael White, was about the race to identify the "breast cancer gene". That resulted in Kevin serving as technical consultant for the 2013 movie Decoding Annie Parker, starring Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton and Aaron Paul. He's also a co-author with Jim Watson and Andrew Berry of "DNA: The story of the Genetic Revolution" (Knopf, 2017).
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