Lane Whitt

Lane Whitt

Lane Whitt is a romance author who likes to have fun writing about multiple love interests but then can’t decide which one she likes better, so she writes in a new sub-genre called reverse harem, and keeps them all. Her debut novel, Finding My Pack, a thrilling adventure into the paranormal world of wolves and the unforgettable antics of heroine Kitten, was quick to gain devoted readers and sailed to the top of the Amazon charts, taking the niche genre community by storm. By her second release, Keeping My Pack in 2016, Lane was a household name for any reverse harem reader. As a proud indie author, Miss Whitt spends most of her time writing and working on new stories but makes time to connect with her readers and fellow writers alike through social media, and enjoys any free time curled up in a cozy chair with a cup of coffee and a good book.
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