Meriwether Ball

Meriwether Ball

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Meriwether Ball's first book, "Puller Chronicles Volume 1" (2014) began a book series about the ancestral Christian faith of her distant cousin, LtGen Lewis (Chesty) B. Puller. Praised by acclaimed historian and author, Col. Jon Hoffman, USMC, (author, "Chesty, The Story of LtGen Lewis B. Puller"), "Puller Chronicles" is the start her book-writing journey. Her second book, "Leaving Takoma Park, Lewis Bridger Books Volume 1" (2015) began her second book series under the pen name of Eliza Godwin. These true-story volumes chronicle the unexpectedly successful life of Lewis Bridger (fictionalized name) after undergoing horrific and ongoing childhood - then adulthood - traumas. Miss Ball's third book, "Great Marines of Virginia," (2016) was started before "Puller Chronicles"; the latter evolving from research of the former. Great Marines book series will catalog the top-tier medal recipients from each state - verifying famous or not, there are exceptionally heroic Marines from all corners of this great country. Born in Washington, D.C. Miss Ball was raised by Virginian parents in Takoma Park, MD. After attending universities in New Mexico and Texas she worked as a drafter before her first feature news story was published in 1994, (while married, living in Boston, and pregnant with her only child). She has since written for several Associated Press newspapers, and served in the US Navy Reserve as a Journalist non-commissioned officer. Upon founding Corps Stories, Inc, a nonprofit online news source supporting US Marines in 2002, she gained recognition for her many profiles of unsung Marines and Corpsmen and their supporters, and for publishing other outstanding journalists' work.
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