Mhairi Morris

Mhairi Morris

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Hi! I’m Dr Mhairi Morris (pronounced "Vari") and I’m a Biochemistry lecturer and cancer researcher at a UK university. I love teaching – I’m a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I was also awarded local Teacher Fellow status at my previous institution. As an academic, though, I have a particularly large bee in my bonnet about clear communication in science education. I’m not your typical academic, you see, and I’m not afraid to admit that I too get bored when reading some textbooks or journal articles. Sometimes they can be so stuffy! I am passionate about explaining complex cancer science in easy-to-understand, accessible language. My intention with my writing is to break down the barriers to understanding the complexities surrounding cancer biology, with the central focus being on communicating science clearly. If there is an area of cancer biology you’d like to see included in the “Clarity in Science” series, please send an email to - I can’t promise to write about every request, but I’d love to hear what my readers are interested in reading more about. Thanks so much Mhairi
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