Michele Alexander

Michele Alexander

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Having survived approximately 100.5 failed relationships collectively, Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long finally put their flawed dating techniques to good use in their 1998 book, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This hilarious guide book of what not to do, and its unique brand of humor, became the basis of the hit movie of the same name starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. The movie went on to gross over 177 million worldwide. In 2004, the girls dug deeper into the laughable truths of relationships with their second book, How to Tell He’s Not the One in 10 Days. In 2007, they came back with the one-two punch releases of How to Get a Guy in 10 Days and How to Get Over a Guy in 10 Days, for which they are in negotiations for film adaptation. Michele and Jeannie have skillfully leveraged their knowledge from their continued work in radio promotion and street marketing to assist their books gain optimal exposure. Whether it’s participating in book signings they have set up at independently owned book stores (Lemontree/Wax Poetic) or guerilla street marketing with volunteers handing out postcards to people everywhere from Comicon to singles bars. They have also been frequent guests on morning radio in major markets including Los Angeles , Chicago , Atlanta , Miami , San Diego and consulted for national publications such as US Weekly and InTouch Magazine. In addition, this month, How to Get Over a Guy in 10 Days will be included with the shipping of Jesse McCartney’s next radio single “It’s Over” to 130 Top 40 radio stations. The song, “It’s Over” is about a guy ending a relationship and How to Get Over a Guy in 10 Days, while it doesn’t give you the psychological tools to move on with your life without him, it gives you some much needed laughs. Today, the duo are branching out with their latest project, a book of justifications for singledom. 365 Reasons Why I’m Still Single provides solace and a strong defense for those who haven’t quite met “the one.” Rather than skipping out on those uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners or New Years Eve couples parties, 365 Reasons Why I’m Still Single offers a series of humorous and empowering rebuttals for every occasion.
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