Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor

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Patrick Taylor is an adventurer, author, & world traveler. In his late 50s, he solo'ed Lewis & Clark's route across the Rocky Mountains in winter & his published journal became an Amazon #1 Bestseller in FOUR categories; Adventure Travel, Solo Travel, Mountaineering, & Extreme Sports. It was the first book of the 'Real-life Adventures of the Texas Yeti'; a unique collection of non-fiction adventures blazing 11 Kindle #1 Bestsellers across 6 Amazon categories... every book spending time as #1 Bestseller in Solo Travel. Each of his off-beat adventures is unique; the antipode of Walter Mitty, Taylor actually lives the lives he imagines. In a world where 'action movies' are faked entirely on green screens & 'reality shows' contort the truth, the 'Real-life Adventures of the Texas Yeti' are refreshingly authentic, entertaining, & inspiring. Pat Taylor's atypical adventures are underdog bestsellers & trending to a wider audience... his books inspire readers to embrace adventure in their lives.
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