Ray Connolly

Ray Connolly

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RAY CONNOLLY has written several novels, including SHADOWS ON A WALL, LOVE OUT OF SEASON and SUNDAY MORNING, the movies and novels THAT'LL BE THE DAY and STARDUST and the television series LYTTON'S DIARY and PERFECT SCOUNDRELS. He also wrote and directed the TV documentary JAMES DEAN: THE FIRST AMERICAN TEENAGER, worked with record producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN on the BBC Television series THE RHYTHM OF LIFE, and has written TV plays, films and documentaries, radio plays, short stories and much journalism. Recently he wrote the biographies ELVIS - A LONELY LIFE, JOHN LENNON - A RESTLESS LIFE , ELVIS - A LONELY LIFE, the novella 'SORRY, BOYS, YOU FAILED THE AUDITION' and the novel KILL FOR LOVE. After spending six months in hospital suffering from Covid 19 in 2020, he turned the experience of being in a coma into the BBC Radio Play DEVOTED. In 2023 he published the memoir BORN AT THE RIGHT TIME. He is married and lives in London.
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