Rebekah Bernard MD

Rebekah Bernard MD

Rebekah Bernard was born in Miami and grew up in the small, rural town of Clewiston, Florida. The oldest child of Registered Nurse parents, she grew up on tales of medical care which inspired an interest in becoming a physician. Dr. Bernard attended college at the University of Florida, majoring in sociology while completing her required pre-medical science courses. She was awarded the National Health Service Corps scholarship to attend the University of Miami where she graduated in 1999. During her residency in Family Medicine at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Bernard was voted Residency Association President by her peers, an equivalent position to chief resident. She completed her residency in 2002, receiving the Academic Award for her graduating class. During residency, Dr. Bernard moonlighted at the UCF Student Health Clinic as well as at private physician offices. Following residency, Dr. Bernard completed her National Health Service Corps service obligation in the rural town of Immokalee, Florida at a Federally Qualified Health Center. While working in this community, she was a preceptor for medical students from both Nova Southeastern Osteopathic Medical School and the FSU School of Medicine. She also wrote a weekly health article for the Immokalee Bulletin. After completing her required four years, Dr. Bernard continued to serve the community of Immokalee for an additional two years before transitioning to a hospital out-patient medical group, where she worked in private practice for more than five years. Most recently, Dr. Bernard opened her own solo primary care practice Gulf Coast Direct Primary Care ( Dr. Bernard is very interested in encouraging primary care to improve the health of all Americans, and in the growing movement of Direct Primary Care. She is a national speaker on the topic of Physician wellness and practice management, a frequent blog contributor to as was recently asked to write a regular blog for Medical Economics. For more information, please visit
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