Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele

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Hello and thank you for visiting my author page. I am the author of THE MISSING PIECES OF NANCY MOON, THE SCHOOLTEACHER OF SAINT-MICHEL and THE LOST SONG OF PARIS. My latest book, THE TRAITOR'S WIFE, tells the story of a 1960s Hollywood studio making a movie about the Four Days of Naples, the civil insurrection of 1943 in which the people of the city successfully battled the Nazis to regain their freedom. NANCY MOON was inspired by my own love of vintage fashion and dressmaking, with some vicarious travel thrown in, and takes the reader on a tour of the glamorous hotspots of Europe in 1962. THE SCHOOLTEACHER OF SAINT-MICHEL is set in occupied rural France in 1942, and the story of Lucie Laval and her pupils is one of hope and courage in time of war. My third novel, THE LOST SONG OF PARIS, is a story of love, loss and bravery that begins with the declassified WW2 file of an MI6 spy operating in occupied Paris. Although I originally trained as a classical musician, writing has always been my passion, and I am never found without a notebook on my person, in case of that unexpected moment of inspiration. I am usually found in the cafés of Stroud, my home town in beautiful Gloucestershire, or walking the local hills with my dog. For lots of photographs charting my love of vintage fashion and all things home made, as well as the stories behind my stories, follow my Instagram and Facebook pages @sarahsteeleauthor, or catch me procrastinating on Twitter at @sarah_l_steele. Head to my website to find images of the originals patterns made by Nancy:
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