Susan Gillis Chapman

Susan Gillis Chapman

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Susan Gillis Chapman grew up in Vancouver, BC. She received a BA in Literature and an MA in Buddhist and Western Psychology. Her career as family therapist included ten years working with domestic violence. In 1988 she and her son, Sheehan, moved to Alaska where she served as clinical director of a community counseling center. In Juneau, she met her life- partner, Jerry. In 1974 Susan met her first Buddhist teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. She later studied with Thrangu Rinpoche, Abbot of Gampo Abbey. Under his direction, in 1997 Susan and Jerry attended a traditional 'three-year-retreat. Susan served as retreat leader for another six years, mentored by Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron. In 2008 Susan and Jerry moved to Vancouver and in 2012 Susan published her book, The Five Keys To Mindful Communication. She spent the next 8 years traveling extensively to teach programs on mindful communication, Buddhist meditation, and as faculty for Karuna Training In the summer of 2020, Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went into retreat and dedicated the next few years to healing. Her new book from Shambhala Publications, Which Way is Up?, is based on her cancer journey as a path of spiritual healing. It will be published in 2024.
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