Tamryn Tamer

Tamryn Tamer

Tamryn Tamer is a writing duo known for tawdry fantasy stories focused around filthy elves, fairies, demons, and really any other mythical creature. They're discovery writers whose work focuses on following a character as they explore a new and interesting world and meet new and interesting people...and most likely have sex with them. Sign-up for the Newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/gcYb6H List of Tamryn's books: HERALD OF SHALIA SERIES ==================== Herald of Shalia: Book 1 Herald of Shalia: Book 2 Herald of Shalia: Book 3 Herald of Shalia: Book 4 Herald of Shalia: Book 5 Herald of Shalia: Book 6 (In Progress) FORBIDDEN ARCANA SERIES ==================== Forbidden Arcana: Sensory Magic Arc (Books 1-3) Forbidden Arcana: Cosmic Magic Arc (Books 4-7) Forbidden Arcana: Immortal Magic Arc (Books 8-9) Forbidden Arcana: Jinx Forbidden Arcana: Ariel Forbidden Arcana: Mirage Forbidden Arcana: Theia Forbidden Arcana: Sable Forbidden Arcana: Luna Forbidden Arcana: Talia Forbidden Arcana: Morgana Forbidden Arcana: Valaria ARCANA SOL SHORT STORIES ==================== Arcana Slice of Life: Animal Magnetism Arcana Slice of Life: Rank Zero
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