Tod Brown

Tod Brown

Tod Brown is a veteran of multiple government agencies. Having spent most of his professional career in the FBI in the special investigations unit, through his over three decades career working in the field of dark psychology, he came into contact with many experts in adjacent fields.  While in the FBI, Tod specialized in undercover missions, which required him to master the art of deception and observation. He also needed to be proficient in persuasion and dealing with psychopaths, narcissists, people who displayed traits of Machiavellianism. His mastery of speed-reading people and analyzing body language also came in handy in many cases. A trained NLP practitioner who also holds a master's degree in psychology and sociology from Stanford, a retired Tod Brown now acts as a special consultant, coach, and instructor for people who are seeking to understand Dark Psychology, mind control, manipulation and other topics to protect themselves and break free of manipulators and narcissists.  Later in his career, he moved out of the field and started to teach what he learned in his many years of work. Tod now lives in Maryland with his wife and children, and continues to write and speak and teach others what he knows and has learned from his many years of work, dealing with the darker side of human nature.  His hope is that through his teachings, people will empower and liberate themselves from manipulators, narcissists, psychopaths and others who wish to do them harm so they can live their best life. After having written other books on topics in dark psychology, he has now gathered a team of experts he worked with trough the years, and he created the Dark Psychology Bible containing 12 foundational books that cover every essential topic in the domain. After reading this collection you will feel much more aware and mentally strong, and will not fall into the traps of those who utilize dark psychology for negative ends.
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