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Canadian audiobooks

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Get into the Mind of Detective Murdoch with Yannick Bisson

Explore the Diaries of Canada's Favourite Detective

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The Best Audiobooks of 2020 from Canada and Around the World

Listing the Leading Literary Listens –That’s Quite a Tongue Twister!

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Spotlight on: Tanya Talaga's Seven Truths

An In-Depth Look at Current Indigenous Issues with Tanya Talaga

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Celebrating Canada’s Award-Winning Indigenous Writers

Don’t Miss These Award-Winning and Shortlisted Titles by Indigenous Writers

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True Crime in the True North: Colm Feore Narrates True North Heists

Enjoy Cops, Robbers & Canadiana with this Audible Original

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Spotlight on: Michele Romanow’s The Revisionaries

Learning about Business? Fly with One of the Dragons!