I'm delighted to welcome you to Audible.ca!

Audible is a daily service for millions of listeners around the world — busy, curious people who wish they had more time to read. For a growing audience, listening to Audible has become the preferred way to read.

Whether you're already an Audible listener or new to our service, we are proud to introduce a uniquely Canadian listening experience that that honors Canada's distinctive literary and theatrical tradition.

Audible's eighth dedicated digital storefront, Audible.ca includes the broad selection of over 300,000 best-sellers, original programs and powerful performances Audible is known for, but it will as importantly showcase Canadian writers and Canadian voices to deliver a rich, authentic and culturally resonant audio destination — whatever your listening mood. Canadian customers will also be able to check out curated Audible playlists from leading Canadian voices like Margaret Atwood, George Stroumboulopoulos, Julie Le Breton, and others. And don't miss Claire Danes's nuanced interpretation of The Handmaid's Tale, with original material written by Margaret for the recording, and Julie Le Breton's rendition of Catherine Leroux's Le mur mitoyen, both available free to Canadians for one month.

We are happy to announce that our Canadian service will feature price parity with our U.S. website, which now represents a savings of over 20% for current Canadian .com members and Canadians who join our service going forward.

As a wannabe Canadian since I began playing hockey as a 7-year-old growing up in Chicago, became a Robertson Davies fan at a young age, and went on to explore the Northwest Territories as a journalist, the opportunity to bring our focus on technological innovation and superior programming to our Canadian customers is a meaningful milestone and a true thrill. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

Don Katz
Founder & CEO / audible