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All the benefits of Audible membership, including 1 credit per month

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1 credit per month for 1 month


Gift membership

3 months

1 credit per month for 3 months


Gift membership

6 months

1 credit per month for 6 months


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12 months

1 credit per month for 12 months

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Gift membership

All gift memberships include:

  • 1 credit per month, good for any audiobook regardless of price

  • 30% off additional audiobooks in exclusive member-only savings

  • Unlimited listening to Audible Original Podcasts

  • Your own audio library — you keep your books even after membership

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can’t send your credits as a gift at this time, you can use your credit to purchase a title for someone else. Just look for the “Give as a gift” option to get started.
Yes, the member will receive all of their gift membership credits at once. Learn more
Unfortunately, we can’t accept Amazon gift cards yet. Learn more
Credits will be active for a full year from the date they are issued, even after the gift membership ends.

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Current Audible members will receive all credits from a redeemed gift membership at once. Their current plan will not be extended or interrupted.

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