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For the first time ever, get all four books of The Forsaken Saga in one complete box set. Join Nora and Hunter as they go on a magical journey of love and adventure in a beautiful supernatural world!

Nora Colburn was perfectly content in life. A junior in high school, she had good friends, a great family, and did well in school. Nothing particularly exciting ever happened where she lived, and everything was stable.

But that all drastically changes when a new student arrives at Nora's school. Wild rumors swirl about his past, and Nora becomes determined to find out the truth.

As she gets to know the mysterious student, he shares with her an ancient secret... one that may yet put both of them in grave danger.

And for the first time in her life, Nora is exposed to a completely unfamiliar world. She is swept away on an exhilarating journey that takes her to a place where romance and great destiny may yet await... and where supernatural powers run wild.

©2016 Edwards Publishing LTD (P)2017 Edwards Publishing

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Trier :
  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Ricky Dunn
  • 2017-07-06

Left with wish for more detailed ending

I'm not going to do a full review as I do not have time to do so. My attention was caught in book one, book two started to lose my attention some with a huge descent going onward. I always try to force myself to read/listen to entirety of books because often you lose interest only to later be captured and sometimes more so than before. This was the case only slightly at times and for brief periods. I kept waiting to get dragged back into it but that never came. I was dreading the time to finish it and often fell asleep having had 2+ hours gone by then having to try to find where I left off. The ending was very disappointing for me. I had a hard time going from a major part of this book the the extremely brief ending. There should have at least been a short portion speaking about how she learned the ropes of taking over and how she became close to her mother and speaking of parents last we heard was Raphael ran off, where did he end up? He didn't abandon his daughter out of hate or having not loved her. Too many questions were left at the end of this book. I did not like it at all, it actually made me mad.. I did not feel closure at the end. The narrator did well, it was the story itself

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Gabrielle
  • 2017-11-04

Made myself finish listening to the first book...

I made myself finish listening to the first book... I won't force myself to finish the other 3. The idea of it kinda reminded me of Twilight, but not written as well and with a horrible plot. Nothing made sense and it felt like it was being rushed through. It needed more context to draw you in and the characters didn't make you like them. The girl was so ready to go along with everything... Don't waste your money or your credit... I hate to sound so harsh, but it was that bad...

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • mark ray
  • 2017-05-29

Not sure why I couldn't get in it.

I really tried to give this book a chance but I could not finish it.

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • charendriagilmer
  • 2017-04-11

A dry Twilight

Would you try another book from Sophia Sharp and E. M. Knight and/or Pamela Lorence?

I'd give it a very short try.

Has The Forsaken Saga Complete Box Set (Books 1-4) turned you off from other books in this genre?


How did the narrator detract from the book?

The performance was very slow. Almost like listening to a story in a dream.

What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

Boredom and irritation.

Any additional comments?

I'm an adult woman that enjoys a good YA novel every now and then. This was not enjoyable at all. It was very similar to the Twilight series without all the good. The story wasn't very good but the performance was worse. Just an all around very dry story line and performance.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • jessica cashen
  • 2017-08-25

Loved it

Would you listen to The Forsaken Saga Complete Box Set (Books 1-4) again? Why?

Yes, I enjoyed it very much

What was one of the most memorable moments of The Forsaken Saga Complete Box Set (Books 1-4)?

I loved when they went into the dream realm and Nora is learning what she is capable of doing there.

Which character – as performed by Pamela Lorence – was your favorite?

Nora I love that she seems innocent and she is very intrigued by the mysterious new student at her school and what he is able to do.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

No just a great all around read

Any additional comments?

Absolutely love this series!

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Kayla
  • 2017-11-07

I Really tried with this series . . .

I honestly REALLY tried, but it was quite painful. And I'll admit I tend to like just about anything. But this book was #TheWorst. The storyline was average at best. The protagonist the most annoying character ever. And the narrator was dry as hell. I forced myself to finish books 3 and 4. Each book progressively got worse. How is that possible?

0 personnes sur 1 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • bernard
  • 2017-09-14

It's a bit ok

Is there anything you would change about this book?

The way it was read, it could do with more emotion. It sounded like a monotone at times.

Would you be willing to try another book from Sophia Sharp and E. M. Knight ? Why or why not?

No so sure, will give another go in the future.

How did the narrator detract from the book?

It kind of made me just want to read it instead of listening.

Do you think The Forsaken Saga Complete Box Set (Books 1-4) needs a follow-up book? Why or why not?

Will let you know after I finish with all of it

Any additional comments?

Narration, It can only get better but it's a great start. I don't particularly like the childish voice. But then again it's a personal preference so some might like it.

0 personnes sur 1 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente