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  • Business Ideas That Really Work

  • Generate Powerful Business Ideas, Increase Your Creativity and Become an Influential Innovator Using Hypnosis, Affirmations, and Law of Attraction
  • Auteur(s): George Nathan Jr.
  • Narrateur(s): Robert Gazy
  • Durée: 33 min

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Business Ideas That Really Work

Auteur(s): George Nathan Jr.
Narrateur(s): Robert Gazy
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You ever have that feeling when you want to have a business, but you have no business ideas? Do you want to create new innovative ideas but can’t? Do you seem to run out of new ideas? Then worry no more, Business Ideas That Really Work is here for you.

This audiobook applies self-hypnosis, meditative affirmations and other techniques. The end goal of this audiobook is to help you discover business ideas.

The audiobook is subdivided into three parts. First is the idea-generating hypnosis. This part hypnotizes you so that you develop stronger and creative ideas. Second are the idea-generating affirmations. These help you succeed in thinking a lot of ideas. Third is the subliminal business affirmations. This helps you to have winner’s mindset.

Here’s a taste of what a session may be like:

  • Thirty minutes is all it takes.
  • Find a comfortable spot before your session where you can take a nap or have a moment of peace.
  • Close your eyes, hit play, and let the audio fill your mind.
  • Focus on the calming voice as you slowly breathe in, breathe out, and relax your body.
  • Listen to every word and take in the positive messages about your mind, your body, and a version of yourself that makes you happy.

So, if you want to kick-start your business, make sure to grab a copy of Business Ideas That Really Work by George Nathan Jr. You’ll soon be able to generate a lot of business ideas you can profit with.

©2019 George Nathan Jr. (P)2019 George Nathan Jr.

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