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Cryptocurrency: An Ultimate Concise Guide to Understanding Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

Auteur(s): Scott N. Lewis
Narrateur(s): Glynn Amburgey
Durée: 1 h et 56 min

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Have you always wanted to know more about cryptocurrency but were afraid to ask simple questions? Are you a complete beginner and want to get more involved in the world of cryptocurrency but don’t know where to begin?

Cryptocurrency: An Ultimate Concise Guide to Understanding Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency by Scott N. Lewis is your ultimate guide to help get you started on your journey to learning more about cryptocurrency.

The value of several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins have been rising and changing every day, and with it is people’s interest in cryptocurrency. This audiobook aims to help even a layman understand what cryptocurrency is and clear all the misconceptions and myths people have about it. Scott Lewis presents the topic of cryptocurrency in the most easy-to-understand manner, without confusing and complex details, to help you learn it quickly and efficiently.

The first part of this audiobook is going to explain to you the concept of cryptocurrencies. In general, you can understand cryptocurrencies as money that doesn’t have a centralized controlling system and only exists in the virtual world. This simple definition raises a lot of question, which is why the rest of the audiobook will clarify all the basic queries you might have about cryptocurrencies, and then, we’ll talk about how cryptocurrencies work.

We will also talk about some other important concepts related to cryptocurrencies - concepts like the blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. We will also take a look at all the uses of cryptocurrencies and how you can buy things using cryptocurrencies. More importantly, we will also look at how cryptocurrencies can be used to make money.

To help you understand cryptocurrencies better, we’re going to look at how Bitcoin, the first and the most famous cryptocurrency, functions as an example. A major part of this audiobook is focused on getting you familiar with Bitcoin, since it’s the cryptocurrency that everybody has heard of. This doesn’t mean that other cryptocurrencies don’t exist or are not important - in the last section of the audiobook, we will talk about other different cryptocurrencies and what benefits they can give you over other cryptocurrencies about investing, trading, etc.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing and adapting. This audiobook is the ultimate guide to help bring you into the world of cryptocurrency and into the future.

©2018 Scott N. Lewis (P)2018 Scott N. Lewis

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