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Homemade Horrors: Serial Killers & the Monsters Who Created Them

Auteur(s): Brian Lee Tucker
Narrateur(s): Paul Burt
Durée: 1 h et 48 min

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Are serial killers born or raised? The argument of “nature vs. nurture” always has been and is still being researched to this day. The idea is simple enough: if you have had a happy childhood - but killer genes - you may go on to live a normal, happy life. If you have the wrong genetics and a bad childhood, you are a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off at any time.

In Homemade Horrors, researching 13 of the most notorious serial killers ever known, they all show distinct patterns of childhood abuse and early trauma. So were the parents to blame? Here we look at the early years of these serial killers who really had the childhood from hell - and who killed because they actually enjoyed it.

©2019 Brian Lee Tucker (P)2019 Brian Lee Tucker

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  • 2019-04-15

Surprise Bonus Book!

The account of each serial killer covered in Homemade Horrors was extremely interesting, albeit brief, and so I was often left at a chapter's close wanting to hear more. At the beginning of the book it seemed like the author was asserting that serial killers are products of their environment and are made by the experiences of abusive childhoods. As the book progresses, the author seems to dismiss this as a valid argument and instead seems to take the stance that some people are just born to be killers and their backgrounds are irrelevant. The contradiction was puzzling. I found many of the author's admittedly unprofessional opinions following the accounts to be unnecessary and sometimes annoying and bordering on sermonizing. What was a real treat, however, was the book Sociopath that follows Homemade Horrors. As a fan of transgressive fiction, I found Sociopath to be a well written story that was easy to become immersed in. And the voice chosen by the narrator was so creepy that it added its own horrific element to the story. The story ends after a few chapters, and so I believe it was a preview to a larger work. If that full book ever becomes available, and is narrated in that creepy voice I already mentioned, I will definitely download it. One thing I would like to note about these preview chapters is that each chapter begins by announcing the title of the book and chapter number. I hope in the full version, this will be abandoned. The narrator breaks character during these announcements and I found that jarring to the morbid and gruesome atmosphere that the narrator did so well in creating.

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