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Hypnosis, Channeling and Raising Consciousness: Moving to Enlightenment

Auteur(s): Peter Dennis
Narrateur(s): Peter Dennis
Durée: 2 h et 48 min

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While in hypnosis with Peter, five women began to channel. How it happened, what their reactions were to it, and how channeling works make up the first part of this audiobook.

The audiobook also reveals that as Planet Earth, and the humans upon her, are in the process of making a major shift in consciousness, these channeled beings are here to help us understand what is happening and to help us make this transition as smoothly as possible.

The messages that they bring are uplifting, healing, and empowering. For many people, this audiobook will be an easy-to-listen introduction to spirituality and it will give them a new way of looking at what they previously thought was reality.

©2019 Peter H Dennis (P)2019 Peter H Dennis

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  • Chetzmom4
  • 2019-05-05

A Bibliography of Famous Self-Helpers

I do not generally read self-help books. My general impression is that the only person they really help is the author. But, I am curious about hypnosis and channeling, and contrary to what this review may seem to say, I am open to learning new things. This book is not really about that. It grabs bits and pieces from other sources, like The Secret (you can think yourself to riches! Think away your cancer!) and it seems Scientology. Lots of references to "theta waves" and alien souls and "clearing yourself of negative energy." Not really anything about how hypnosis actually works or why some people recall past lives while under hypnosis (it seems to involve aliens). But A LOT on whose website you can go to learn more and leave a "donation" or purchase more books.

The bibliography at the end is massive. It contains a Who's Who of self-help celebrities. This book is one massive advertisement for these celebs. Save your money.

Ironically, the author/narrator has a great voice for this subject matter. Peter Dennis' voice is calm and relaxing. I did enjoy listening to him while I was gardening. Maybe that's the best way to "clear your negative energy." Do something creative. Whether it's drawing, writing, gardening or cooking. Just create.

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  • Uniqueoneisme
  • 2020-05-11

Difficult to finish

Difficult to keep my eyes open to finish. Somewhat boring and no information. I was under the impression there was going to be information and how to on these subjects in the title.