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A spellbinding thriller from the bestselling author of The Einstein Prophecy.

A chilling curse is transported from 1880s London to present-day California, awakening a long-dormant fiend.

While on routine patrol in the tinder-dry Topanga Canyon, environmental scientist Rafael Salazar expects to find animal poachers, not a dilapidated antique steamer trunk. Inside the peculiar case, he discovers a journal, written by the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson, which divulges ominous particulars about his creation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It also promises to reveal a terrible secret - the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Unfortunately, the journal - whose macabre tale unfolds in an alternating narrative with Rafe's - isn't the only relic in the trunk, and Rafe isn't the only one to purloin a souvenir. A mysterious flask containing the last drops of the grisly potion that inspired Jekyll and Hyde and spawned London's most infamous killer has gone missing. And it has definitely fallen into the wrong hands.

©2016 Robert Masello. (P)2016 Brilliance Publishing, all rights reserved.

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Trier :
  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Genevieve Paquette
  • 2017-04-17

pleasantly surprised

I wasn't expecting much from this book, thinking it would be a schlocky, grocery store paperback. I was pleasantly surprised to find a well written, interesting tale that I actually really enjoyed. The characters were likable and even kind of realistic, and the plot was a lot of fun. I like stories that link past and present events, and the author does that very well, here.
I liked it a lot and I plan on trying other books by the author.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Mick Turner
  • 2016-12-19

Through Entertainment!

Intermittently reading from my Kindle device, and listening to the synced Audible recording, I quickly became useless in real life - immersed as I was in this story. Crediting both author and performer with my lapse from activity, I'm envious of both. One for concocting the believable and engaging tale and the other for delivering it with such amazing talent as to rival the renown of the story's most celebrated thespian. I will be pursuing both for future, and no doubt, similar and surprisingly entertaining breaks from reality.

32 personnes sur 34 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Nancy
  • 2017-02-22

Really enjoy this.

I am always concerned that sale items from audible will be a waste of time and money. Not so with this book. I loved it. Good writing, interesting story and perfect narration by Christopher Lane.
I will be listening to more of this author for sure.

20 personnes sur 21 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • MJC
  • 2016-12-11

Excellent Book, Narration Just a Bit Off

I picked up this book and could hardly put it down. The author does a fantastic job switching between mid 1800's language and modern American English. The intertwined stories and developing mystery make for an exciting, fast-paced read. I couldn't recommend this book enough for people who enjoy mystery, historical fiction, and fantasy.

If you're the kind of person, like me, who's very attuned to spoken language, you may find the narration a bit irksome. Mr. Lane tries to read all of Stevenson's words in a Scottish accent. Unfortunately, he misses the mark many times, making the renowned author sound like he's originally from India instead of Scotland. Lane does an excellent job of narration otherwise. So, this may be a minor point for most audible readers.

I'm very much looking forward to reading more books by Robert Masello. I hope you enjoy this story as much as have.

30 personnes sur 33 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Richard S. Swol
  • 2017-03-03

And you thought Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was fiction

If you could sum up The Jekyll Revelation in three words, what would they be?


Who was your favorite character and why?

Robert Louis Stephenson. He is the center point around which all the rest of the novels, past and present, revolve.

What does Christopher Lane bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Good performance that put you right in the story.

If you could take any character from The Jekyll Revelation out to dinner, who would it be and why?

Stephenson. The character seemed like a likeable working author who got involved WAY over his head.

Any additional comments?

Because half the story takes place in Victorian times, does NOT mean that it is slow or plodding. This is a fascinating and fast paced read.

12 personnes sur 13 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Nancy
  • 2017-03-12

One of the most intriguing books

This is one of the most intriguing books and suspenseful books, where every chapter end is a cliffhanger. This is due to the superb writing of two events which are juxtaposed. The vocabulary educates one and the obvious amount of time the author spends in doing research is evident as the story unfolds. A mesmerizing book.

23 personnes sur 26 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Margaret
  • 2017-01-26

Not my favorite Masello novel

I usually love this author and I still do. This story wasn't my favorite. The characters were well developed, but the story line dragged. Masello has given me enough hours of good reading to try him again though. The reader was great with a Scots accent.

10 personnes sur 11 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Jeanne Molloy
  • 2017-04-13

Very interesting tale

I have read a few books from this author and have enjoyed them all. Characters are very intriguing and the story keeps you wondering what is going to happen. This is really two parallel stories that are related to one another so it does go back and forth from past to present but in a very clear and understandable way.
This was a fun book to listen to.

3 personnes sur 3 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Mary
  • 2017-03-22

Enjoyed it!!

I really liked how the book spanned across two different times. It had a very good plot and the characters were very believable.

4 personnes sur 5 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • JTF
  • 2016-11-14

Robert Masello's Clever Jekyll Revelation

The Jekyll Revelation is historical fiction that takes as its main protagonist Robert Louis Stevenson and immerses him in the mystery of Jekyll and Hyde peppered with Jack the Ripper. Robert Masello’s ability to immerse us into disperse storylines is enhanced by his turn of phrase and detailed research/knowledge of Stevenson’s life and times. Primarily, it’s a brilliant premise fleshed out into a clever story arc. Despite a few reservations, outlined below, it’s a good read.

When you begin the book, jumping between storylines can be fairly jarring which builds interest in seeing how they would come together. Both Robert Stevenson and Rafe Salazar are fairly empathetic characters whose connection is initially non-existent. Mr. Masello does a brilliant job melding historical events and characters into the story. His writing is accessible yet provides me with frequent vocabulary additions; for what it’s worth, it is relatively rare that contemporary authors provide significant fodder for my lexical treasury and rarer still to do so in a natural manner without feeling forced. While it's initial pacing is slow, the journey is intriguing and the pace picks up towards the end.
[NOTE: I received an advance review copy of the book from Netgalley for an honest review.]

While I read most of the book on my Kindle, I did listen to a sizeable part on Audible. Christopher Lane’s narration was apt, well-paced and especially brought Stevenson to life with a passable (yet fully understandable) Scottish burr. Mr. Lane’s performance adds to the story.

Find the full review at joesgeekfest on Wordpress.

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