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Made to Please Both of Them

Auteur(s): Jane Kemp,Debbie Brownstone
Narrateur(s): Vanessa Kitchens
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"Tara's Secret Identity (Choosing Double Penetration Instead of Jail)"

A Very Rough MFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story with First Time Anal Sex by Veronica Halstead 

Tara’s in trouble. She’s been on the run for nine years, and her name isn’t even Tara. Somehow, two guys at her work have discovered the truth, and the worst part about it is they’re two guys she’s been pretty damned bitchy with.  

They’re willing to keep her secret but it’ll cost her. In this case, it will cost her every one of her holes because the men want Tara to sleep with them, and they don’t plan on being gentle. Rough deepthroat, rough sex, and more? By the end, it’s hard for her to tell if she should have worried about avoiding jail a little less and spent more time worrying about a very, very rough first time anal sex experience while her pussy was already full! 

That’s only one of the sexy tales you’ll find in this collection.  

Here are the rest of the stories!

2. "French Vietnamese Blues" 

A Very Rough Asian Double Penetration Short by Stacy Reinhardt

Amelie has been a call girl just for a year, and she’s just about saved up enough money to open her own fashion business. It hasn’t been difficult. From her Vietnamese mother, she’s received beautiful features, and from her French father, she has a sexy accent that drives men crazy. Her final appointment is a whole lot more than she expected, though, with bondage, very rough sex, humiliation, and a vicious first anal sex experience in the form of her first ever double penetration!

3. "Katarina's First Double Team Sex Encounter"

A Hot Wife Share Double Team erotica story by Debbie Brownstone

Will has always wondered at Jake’s remarkable persistence. For his friend, every no is just a yes that will come later. And it’s worked for Jake. He has a beautiful mansion and an incredible wife. Jake likes to share his good fortune, too. Within moments of arriving, Jake tells Will, “Bang my hot wife.” Katarina is excited by the prospect, too, and it doesn’t take long before she stuffed full with two cocks at the same time!

4. "Picking Up an Extra Cock for Kat"

A Wife Share Double Team Sex Erotica Story by DP Backhaus

Kat and Dan have had a fantasy of bringing in another man for a long time. They finally decide it’s time for this slut wife to get what she wants, and they head to a bar to find someone Dan can tell, “fuck my wife!” They find a handsome businessman named Simon, and before long the three of them are in the hotel room for a night of rough double team sex, complete with deep throat and a long, long night of orgasm after orgasm!

5. "Taken on the Highway" 

Double Penetration by the Boys in Blue by Jane Kemp

Gaby is late for a shift, and nobody wants to be pulled over at three in the morning when it’s dark and empty out on the highway. When two cops make it clear they’re less interested in her driver’s license than her ass, things get even scarier. Before the night is through, she’ll have police cock in her throat, her pussy, and her ass! She may not be able to get to her shift on time, but she’ll certainly get all of the attention these two men can offer!

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough first anal sex, reluctant first anal sex, mfm threesome sex, rough sex, reluctant sex, rough double penetration, reluctant ass to mouth, reluctant semen swallowing, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should listen to this collection.

©2015 Naughty Daydreams Press (P)2020 Naughty Daydreams Audio

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