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Maya Civilization: A History from Beginning to End

Mesoamerican History, Book 3
Auteur(s): Hourly History
Narrateur(s): Mike Nelson
Série: Mesoamerican History, Livre 3
Durée: 1 h et 12 min

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Discover the remarkable history of the Maya Civilization...

For more than one thousand years, the Maya people dominated areas of Central America and modern-day Mexico and made important advances in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. Then, after the Spanish occupation in the 16th century, Maya culture and thinking were deliberately suppressed. Only in the 20th century did scientists appreciate just how advanced these people had been and how important they were in the history of Mesoamerica.

The excavation and investigation of several large Maya cities in the second half of the 20th century completely changed how we view these people. We now know that the Maya were capable of building vary large stone structures that were precisely aligned with astronomical features, though we do not know how this was done. We are still learning about Maya cities - as recently as 2018, the use of new technology uncovered more than 60,000 previously undiscovered Maya ruins in the jungles of Guatemala. Many scholars now believe that the Maya were one of the most important of all the ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

There are still many mysteries about the Maya. At one point in their history, several major Maya cities were abandoned and left to the encroaching jungle while their people relocated to more inhospitable areas in the Yucatán. There are many theories, but no one is entirely certain why this happened. We also don’t know why the Maya made important advances in the fields of mathematics and medicine and yet failed to develop, for example, the wheel or metalworking.

What we do know is that these people created a sophisticated culture which they recorded via one of the first complex writing systems. Unlike other contemporary Mesoamerican peoples, the Maya survived the Spanish occupation, and Maya language, religion, and culture continue to survive today in parts of Central America and Mexico.

This is the story of the mysterious and frequently misunderstood Maya civilization.

Discover a plethora of topics such as:

  • Origins
  • Maya Religion and Medicine
  • The Classic Period
  • Weapons and Warfare
  • The Spanish Conquest
  • Maya Writing
  • And much more!

So if you want a concise and informative audiobook on the Maya Civilization, simply get this audiobook now!

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