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Passing Yourself off as the “Good Guy” in Divorce and Custody Battles (In 20 Minutes)

Divorce Court, Book 6
Auteur(s): J.B. Snow
Narrateur(s): Brian Nadeau
Série: Divorce Court, Livre 6
Durée: 20 min

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If you are checking this out, it is likely that you are wrapped up in a high-conflict court or custody case. Hopefully, you are reading this at the beginning or before either party files for divorce. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who is already in the midst of an all-out war from the opponents in a court or custody battle, you have a lot of catching up to do to save face before the final verdict comes is handed down. 

In 20 minutes, this audiobook will teach you how to look like the good guy in court even when your narcissistic ex or mentally ill ex is dragging your name through the mud. Most people don’t realize it, but narcissism and a whole host of other mental illnesses are caused by DRD4 long gene polymorphism genetics, which means that your ex won’t change who he is (and you should just let this go right now if you think he will change somehow through your court proceedings). Narcissists handle things in a certain way, and non-narcissists handle things in an opposite way - typically because they are wired differently and have different morals and values. 

In this Divorce Court series, our other guides will help you learn how to handle the personalities that you will come across, how to become more likable to the other people in the courtroom, how to soothe the stress you are under, what feelings and emotions you experience when going through the court process, how to cope with losses, and learn the strategies that the narcissist is going to use against you for which you must be ready. Listen to this audiobook, then listen to the other audiobooks in the series for a full-spectrum strategy in dealing with the narcissist in and out of court.

This audiobook refers to the narcissist as a "he", but the narcissist in the relationship and divorce proceedings can also be a "she". The pronouns are interchangeable for the purposes of this audiobook.

Be cooperative and agreeable overall.

To look like a good guy, you must strive to be cooperative and agreeable at all times when you are dealing with the court personnel. Let the lawyer you hired do the arguing and the negotiations. Fight the urge to fight and argue with your lawyer. If he recommends one thing, try to see his reasoning behind it. 

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©2019 J.B. Snow (P)2019 J.B. Snow

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  • Braden
  • 2019-04-08

Total garbage

Everyone is a narcissist, or an utter douche if they don't agree with you. Written for losers and liars alike with no grounded basis for compromise, discipline or negotiation. A classic underdog tale of victims being victims to no one but themselves.

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