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When an intricate old map is found stuffed into the walls of the bistro in Three Pines, it at first seems no more than a curiosity. But the closer the villagers look, the stranger it becomes.

Given to Armand Gamache as a gift the first day of his new job, the map eventually leads him to shattering secrets. To an old friend and older adversary. It leads the former Chief of Homicide for the Sûreté du Québec to places even he is afraid to go. But must.

And there he finds four young cadets in the Sûreté academy, and a dead professor. And, with the body, a copy of the old, odd map.

Everywhere Gamache turns, he sees Amelia Choquet, one of the cadets. Tattooed and pierced. Guarded and angry. Amelia is more likely to be found on the other side of a police line-up. And yet she is in the academy. A protégée of the murdered professor.

The focus of the investigation soon turns to Gamache himself and his mysterious relationship with Amelia, and his possible involvement in the crime. The frantic search for answers takes the investigators back to Three Pines and a stained glass window with its own horrific secrets.

For both Amelia Choquet and Armand Gamache, the time has come for a great reckoning.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny pulls back the layers to reveal a brilliant and emotionally powerful truth in her latest spellbinding audiobook.

"Robert Bathurst puts his own indelible stamp on Chief Inspector Armand Gamache in Louise Penny's twelfth Three Pines puzzle. ...If you haven't listened to this series, start at once. You'll love your stay in Three Pines." – AudioFile Magazine

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Christie
  • 2016-12-29

Great story, terrible reader

Although I adore audiobooks I will have to read hard copies of future Gamache novels unless a better reader is found to replace Bathurst. He changes the characters' voices from one chapter to the next. He seems incapable of portraying emotion in the characters. This is his second Gamache novel and rather than improving he is worse! PLEASE find a better narrator.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Mj
  • 2016-09-02

"A Great Reckoning" is a great story.

Louise Penny has become one of my favorite authors and I so look forward to each new book in her Inspector Gamache series. Often it seems that mystery writers who write a series of books with the same main character essentially end up writing the same book over and over again. Not so with Louise Penny. Her characters are multi-dimensional, and they are true reflections of the "human condition". Her books are of the "mystery" genre, yet her writing transcends genre. "A Great Reckoning" could be read/listened to as a stand alone mystery, but I highly recommend starting at book one in this amazing series.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Lisa K. Dillon
  • 2016-09-05

A Return to Three Pines

Louise Penny is a masterful story teller. The way she weaves multiple plots and subplots into a lovely dance is so satisfying and interesting. I've yet to guess whodunnit before it was revealed. Yet her stories are more than mysteries. They are philosophical and artistic and colorful. They are an homage to the beautifully flawed characters of Three Pines. And as such I've been able to reread each of the books--more than once--because in the end it's not about who committed the murder that is central to every novel but about the journey to get there and the continuation of the saga of the people of Three Pines and the people closest to Armand Gamache. My heart lives there and I await each new installment with bated breath. This one had many loose ends that were tied up and it makes me anxious that we are reaching the end of the Three Pines stories. I so hope I am wrong.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Laura
  • 2016-09-05

Grief and forgiveness

What made the experience of listening to A Great Reckoning the most enjoyable?

Interesting plot and characters both familiar and new; good narration; nice long length; dense plot.

What other book might you compare A Great Reckoning to and why?

It reminds me of some of Carolyn Graham's best works in the sense of the density of the plot and the language; well written.

Have you listened to any of Robert Bathurst’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

Yes; quite comparable to his recent initial foray (replacing previous narrator who was very much identified with the Armand Gamache series).

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

The sins of the fathers?

Any additional comments?

I had some reservations as sometimes Louise Penny's work can be uneven and some books are more enjoyable than others, but I enjoyed this one quite a lot and would highly recommend it. I did figure out what had happened (more or less) but there were still plot twists that made it very interesting. These novels always have an underlying theme based on human emotions - in this case it was grief, regret, atonement.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Lulu
  • 2016-09-05

Did Not Disappoint!

This is one of the two books I have been eagerly awaiting this year. And I was not disappointed. This is the 12th in Penny's Inspector Gamache series, so the characters are now all old friends. There are very few series I stick with beyond the first 3 or 4 books and the fact that I was so excited to read the 12th entry says something about these books. Penny's overall consistency is amazing.

One big question left open at the end of the previous book, The Nature of the Beast, is answered early on in A Great Reckoning - we learn what job will take Gamache out of retirement, but not out of Three Pines.

As usual, there are multiple side mysteries going on along side the primary storyline, and as usual, they may or may not be related to the main storyline. The primary mystery - who killed an instructor at the Sûreté du Québec Academy isn't one of her most compelling story lines and seems a little straight forward, especially after the complex plot line of The Nature of the Beast. But the new characters introduced for this story kept my interest and Penny also used this book to tie up one of the loose ends from one of the earliest books in the series.

All of my favorite characters are back including Reine-Marie, Jean Guy, Isabelle and all of the residents of Three Pines. And as always, when I finish one of these books, I really wish Three Pines existed. If it did, I would be there in an instant.

After the death of Ralph Cosham, who was the voice of Inspector Gamache, I wasn't sure how I would feel about Robert Bathurst stepping into replace him. I gather this was a major concern to Penny and her publisher, since Cosham made this series one of the most successful audiobook series of all time. But now that Bathurst has narrated two of the books, I find I really appreciate his voice and style. I started this series both reading it on my Kindle and listening to the audiobooks. I have just listened to the last few books in the series and due to the quality of the narration, that is all I will do going forward.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • ShelEB
  • 2016-09-06

Twists, turns and misdirection makes for a wonderful tale

As a fan of the Inspector Gamache series I was concerned how Louise Penny would keep my interest after Gamache's retirement. She does just that while staying true to the nature of the characters she has so artfully developed over many years. To those new to the series treat yourself to the other books first. You will appreciate the insights you will have as the tale is woven into the entertaining work that it is!

10 personnes sur 11 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Wayne
  • 2016-08-31

Louise Penny NEVER disappoints!

WOW! Louise Penny is a treasure. What a marvelous novel. Armand Gamache is no longer the retired Chief Inspector of Sûreté du Québec (Quebec police) living a life of leisure in Three Pines. He is now Commander of the Academy of Sûreté du Québec (police academy commander). There is a murder to solve and other interesting happenings. The final sentences of the book reveal a wonderful secret.

Pay no attention whatever to the initial low ratings here at Audible. Those people either did not listen to the book or have some unknown issue with the author. A Great Reckoning is a yet another great Gamache/Three Pines novel by Louise Penny. All of the recurring characters are there. Robert Bathurst again narrates very well. I shall always miss the wonderful narration of the late Ralph Cosham, but Bathurst is a fine replacement.

For those who like detective thrillers Penny's Three Pines series stands above most of the rest.

31 personnes sur 36 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Karin
  • 2016-09-14

A Disappointing New York Times Bestseller

The story seemed to drag along like a high school level read. Somewhat interesting, but not intriguing.

4 personnes sur 4 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Denise Miller
  • 2016-09-05

Another great story by Louise Penny

This story grabbed me near the beginning and wouldn't let me go. As always the characters were fascinating and different. Louise Penny creates characters you want to get to know. And she includes all the characters loyal readers have come to love.
The plot was great and there were lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting. And her plots always bring hope.
I highly recommend this novel.

9 personnes sur 10 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Noel Bosson
  • 2016-09-05

love louise!

such a great experience- you want to savor each word, try to make it last longer.

9 personnes sur 10 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

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