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Page de couverture de Sarah


Auteur(s): Tim Simpson
Narrateur(s): Deanna Delaney
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She was the timid little peasant girl you heard about inside the book of M one, two, and three. She was entrusted by Professor Moriarty with the sacred book of M itself; she traveled with the likes of the Frankenstein monster, Dr. Jekyll, and found herself in the arms of a peaceful werewolf gypsy clan.

She was imprisoned by an evil woman, locked in a dungeon, but she escaped and now she is getting her revenge on the rest of the undead....

She is on a quest to rid the world of the very things that had destroyed her life; however, there is one more vampire left, and he wants to pick up where Dracula failed. His name is Lord Ruthven, and he leads a small army of some of history's worst vampires, like Sir Francis Varney, Addhema, and Carmilla; however, they are not the only threat anymore.

On an isolated island, a doctor by the name of Moreau continues his research on genetics in humans and animals when he is approached by a scientist who has found a serum that can reanimate the dead. So with the help of Dr. Herbert West, Moreau recruits other scientists to help in his evil deed of ruling the world with science. Others that are aided in his endeavor include Dr. Nikola, Dr. Omega, Sandokan, Arthur Gordon Pym, George Plummer, along with many others.

However, Sarah is not battling this alone. She has the help from Randolph Carter, Thomas Carnacki, Sexton Blake, Tom Sawyer, the Frankenstein Monster, Dorian Gray, the Nyctalope, and Constance Dunlap. Will she be able to stop both the vampires and scientist?

©2014 Timothy James Simpson (P)2016 Timothy James Simpson

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