• The Dragon's Treasure

  • A Seven Kingdoms Tale 1
  • Auteur(s): S. E. Smith
  • Narrateur(s): David Brenin
  • Durée: 6 h et 3 min
  • Version intégrale
  • Date de parution: 2017-08-21
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Éditeur: S. E. Smith LLC

Prix : CDN$ 26,81

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Internationally acclaimed by The New York Times and USA TODAY, best-selling author of science fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance brings another action, adventure, and suspense-filled story to transport listeners out of this world.

Choose your treasure carefully, thief.

Drago, King of the Isle of Dragons, is the last of the magnificent dragons of the Seven Kingdoms. Bitter and alone, he abandons the emptiness of his realm and retreats to the caverns beneath the palace. In the form of his dragon, he remains hidden from the world, protecting the Dragon's Heart, the last legacy of his people - until he is disturbed by a most unlikely thief.

Carly Tate's trip to Yachats State Park takes an unexpected turn, when she is caught in a sudden storm. Seeking shelter, she stumbles through a magical doorway into a cavern filled with treasure! Yet, as incredible as the piles of glittering gold and jewels are, her gaze is transfixed by the slumbering form of a magnificent dragon.

Carly's appearance begins a series of events that will not only change Drago's life, but will affect all of the Seven Kingdoms. Can a centuries old dragon protect his most valuable treasure, or will the evil that destroyed his race take Carly from him as well?

©2017 S.E. Smith (P)2017 S.E. Smith

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Trier :
  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Barbara D.
  • Ontario, Canada
  • 2017-09-11

Loved it!!

Laugh-out-loud funny and tear-inducing in turns... this is the first book in a series, and I'm already very impatient to purchase the second! S. E. Smith is often ingenious in creating alternate worlds, and doesn't fail here. This novel is of the same quality as Smith's recent "Ella and the Beast". Highly recommended. Buy this one... you won't regret it.

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  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Ande
  • 2017-10-18

I've read much better fanfiction

Sigh, I unfortunately find the issues with this book to be indicative of the problems I have with the paranormal romance genre in general. I find my success rate with these types of books to be about 25%. When they succeed, they succeed big for me. They're the reasons I keep coming back, even with such a low success rate. The books I put myself through torture for are these dark twisted tales of fiery passion breaking down all barriers, and BOTH parties find themselves helpless against the onslaught despite them both knowing better. They fight desperately against taboo and temptation until neither can resist the dark desires within.

These stories are the reason you re-watch Francis Ford Copella's version of Dracula. So you can tell sexy Gary Oldman that he should ditch Wynonna Rider, because you'd let him naw on your neck all night long. They're that tingly sensation you would never admit some of Marilyn Manson's videos give you in your no-no place. They're Spike from Buffy, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in Star Trek, David Bowie in Labyrinth, Tom Hiddelston as Loki, and Alan Rickman as... well, everything.

This was not that story... This fell snuggly into the other camp which I like to call Teenage Fantasy Island. This book was a particularly gruesome offender in my opinion, as the main character actually ACTED like a 14 year old girl. Dreaming of a Prince Charming who will do what no man has done by finding her "plump" (book's words), awkward self irresistible while she is apparently in her room playing with her dragon toys (book makes mention of her owning several), and has her fantasy castle posters on the walls. You know, the posters we've all seen either at a Comic-Con by some unnamed artist or in a boardgames shop?

I understand an instant, insatiable attraction, but Prince Charming professes his undying love for this person who acts like a dragon fan-girl at DragonCon, squealing at each new dragon thing he demonstrates for her, in less than a day. No torment in his head at all over the fact that they seem to be DIFFERENT SPECIES FROM DIFFERENT WORLDS. No, PC takes one look at his squealing, other-worldy, semi-stalker and says "Ah yes! This curvaceous, chatty, uncomfortable goddess alien whose world I shall ask no questions about will be a wonderful queen for my people!" He then proceeds to fly her around Narnia like Falcor from The Never-ending Story.

Long story short, if you're looking for a 14 year old's dragon fanfic... no, you know what? Even if you are looking for that, go elsewhere. There are way better ones for free on the internet. I assure you.

Now excuse me while I continue to go hunt for my diamond in the doo-doo in this steaming pile I call paranormal romance.

7 personnes sur 9 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Jeanne
  • 2017-10-03

Very sweet romance

This is a very simple romance story. Simple ideas, simple romance. Good book for a simple book

1 personnes sur 1 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Donna
  • 2017-09-21


loved it didn't stop listening until it was finished ,great story great love scenes ,i really enjoyed the narrative ,.

1 personnes sur 1 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Nadina
  • Laval, QC, Canada
  • 2017-09-19

enjoyed this book

really liked this story. Can't wait for the others. The narrator does a very good job. wish more of the evil part of the story was developed.

3 personnes sur 4 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Billy H.
  • 2017-09-09

It started weird then got better just not enough to keep

It's pretty young and childish. The narrator did very well with what he had. I'm not particularly fond of his female voice though. Love his male voice! 😍😍😍

1 personnes sur 1 ont trouvé cette évaluation pertinente

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • amy fletcher
  • 2017-12-06

such a great book.

I laughed and laughed. I almost cried. Such highs and lows . I loved it all

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Linda
  • FALLS CHURCH, VA, United States
  • 2017-12-02

What a cute dragon take!

I like Susan’s take on dragons. I’ve read all her books and no matter the distrust the supernatural feels, they always meet the exception to their rules. This is this case with this book, Dragos sad and disillusioned wakes up to find Carly, out on an exercise spree checking him out. When she asks for him he does whatever it takes to keep his new treasure. Nice to hear David Brenin too

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Patricia L. Jensen
  • 2017-11-21

The Dragon’s Treasure

I thought it was a great story, characters were well developed. My only gripe is that the female part should have been read by a female not a male imitating a female. Other than that I would definitely recommend this book!

  • Au global
  • Performance
  • Histoire
  • Dawn Cross
  • 2017-11-13

1st of more to come!

Thoroughly enjoyed the Dragon's Treasure: A Kingdom's Tale # 1. I can't wait for the rest of the tales to be written. I so enjoy S.E. Smith's writings as she always brings her characters to life and have their love stories told!