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Auteur(s): Corey Hall
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  • Everything is up for discussion and nothing is off limits on Simply Said Podcast. Call It the variety show of podcasting, with a Biblical worldview at the center of every topic. Current events, theology, politics, and a variety of seemingly random topics, all talked about in a simple way that the every day person can follow. Simply Said: Simply Profound Conversations.
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  • #18 Paedo Vs. Credo Baptism (Guest: Pastor Michael Shultz)
    Mar 11 2023
    Put on your theology nerd cap and join me with Pastor Michael Shultz as we discuss paedo baptism within the reformed tradition and our conflicting and complemntary views on the matter.

    Intro Music By Jordan Pride. Links below for apple music and spotify.


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    2 h et 15 min
  • #17 The Forgotten Preface (Guest: Author Josh Barzon)
    May 18 2022
    Is the King James Version (KJV) of the bible the only acceptable version to use? After careful consideration, study, and going back to the source of the KJV, Josh Barzon thinks not. Listen as Josh and Corey try to tackle a centuries old argument while discussing the faulty theology that would lead a person to be a "King James Only-ist" (KJVO).
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    1 h et 43 min
  • #16 Hypnotic Faith (Guest: Hypnotist Paul Ramsay)
    Feb 1 2022
    Hypnosis and fake faith healers. They have more in common than we might think. I am joined by professional hypnotist Paul Ramsay for this interview to discuss the similarities in the two.


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    1 h et 22 min

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