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Stop Anxiety

Auteur(s): Charlotte Olsen
Narrateur(s): Claire De Cleene Neigenfind
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Anxiety - How to stop it before it stops you

When you have an anxious thought about something, how do you really know that you are right? 

If you think applying for a job is a waste of time, how do you really know that you won’t at least get an interview because you match exactly what an employer is looking for?

Do you ever feel anxiety about attending a social event? How do you know you are right? What if there is a key person there that if you meet could change your life or have some other significant altering influence on your life?

How many people and circumstances in your life do you avoid because you have anxiety about them, and you simply “reason” them off in your mind?

Everywhere we turn, we see images of violence erupting across the nation: Natural disasters ripping through continents, economic collapse bringing down entire countries, and an ever-growing threat of nuclear disaster. It's no wonder more people are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders now than ever before.

People with anxiety disorders exhibit a number of symptoms including heart palpitations, clammy hands and skin, dry mouth, shortness of breath, nausea and upset stomach, headaches, and dizziness. Individuals suffering from anxiety may go out of their way to avoid anxiety-inducing situations, and it may interfere with their ability to attend or perform at school, work, and social functions as a result. 

This book will teach how to identify various anxiety disorders, their symptoms, and various short-term and long-term treatment options to help you overcome anxiety disorder and start living a healthier and more fulfilled life today!

This book will cover:

  • The definition, symptoms, and treatment options for generalized anxiety disorder
  • How a flawed system of belief leads to anxiety and how to use cognitive-behavioral therapy to replace cognitive distortions with healthier thought processes
  • The definition, symptoms, and treatment options for panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and phobias
  • How a licensed therapist can utilize exposure therapy in a clinical setting to help their patients face and overcome their fears in order to live a more fulfilling, happier, and productive life
  • The links between anxiety and depression
©2018 Charlotte Olsen (P)2018 WebWorld Internet

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Image de profil pour chrish
  • chrish
  • 2018-08-05

clear and useful

This book helped me have a much better understanding of panic and anxiety disorders. It has literally been a life changer for me. I believe, this book, along with a couple of others, has helped me manage and prevent episodes without the use of medication.

  • Au global
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Performance
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Histoire
    5 out of 5 stars
Image de profil pour Konst
  • Konst
  • 2018-08-05

Very well!!

This book is great. It's composed impeccably and you can tell that the book was planned as an apparatus to assist individuals with uneasiness. This book is anything but difficult to peruse and comes to the heart of the matter of understanding nervousness and fits of anxiety and how to manage them. I feel so sure and less alone at this point.