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Summary of Pre-Suasion: by Robert Cialdini

Includes Key Takeaways & Analysis
Auteur(s): FastReads
Narrateur(s): Anthony Pica
Durée: 33 min

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Don't miss Robert Cialdiani's long anticipated follow-up to his blockbuster book Influence. Robert Cialdiani uses heavily researched data along with relatable situations to show you a new way to influence people before you even open your mouth.

What will you learn from listening to this audiobook?

  • The secrets to "priming" someone to give you the response you want - even when they have no idea it's happening
  • An understanding of the six keys of achieving influence from Robert's first book, and an additional one he's learned about since
  • The secrets to the success behind palm readers and fortune tellers
  • An understanding of why where you work will have a big impact on what you can achieve
  • The best ways to direct focus to what's important in order to persuade someone to agree with you
  • Knowledge of how to create a bonding sense of unity between you and the person you are talking to, will make you far more successful in persuading them to your side
  • An understanding of why placing key information in the forefront of people's minds, allows you to (often unintentionally) convince them to choose the result you are seeking
  • The ways that you can persuade people to your side without directly manipulating them

Please note: This is a summary, analysis and review of the audiobook and not the original book.

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