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Doctor/Patient sex is one of those fantasies we just can’t get enough of when it comes to explicit erotica.  

This collection of six scorching doctor sex shorts range from rough to very, very rough! If you’re looking for barely legal sex, you’ll find it here. Maybe you want some first anal sex. It’s inside, too. There’s bondage sex and even first lesbian sex.  

So, go ahead and take your medicine! Download this collection today!

"Bent Over the Exam Table by My Doctor": A Doctor Patient Anal Sex erotica story) by Debbie Brownstone

Adrianna isn’t happy with her ass, even though her friends tell her it’s fine.  

She visits a plastic surgeon to see about an implant, but this doctor wants to do a very thorough examination. Before she knows it, the doctor is teaching her all about doctor patient sex, and she is experiencing her first anal sex, first rough sex, first rough deepthroat, and first semen swallowing.  

Of course, she’s only reluctant for a moment because the doctor patient sex is incredible! 

"Seduced at the Doctor’s Office": A First Lesbian Sex Threesome with Nurse and Doctor Erotica Story by Erika Hardwick

Dorie doesn’t really like doctor’s offices, but after some browbeating by concerned loved ones, she finally agrees to go to her first check up in years.  

She’s uncomfortable and stunned when the doctor prescribes an interesting cure for her! She calls in a nurse, and the two beautiful women take Dorie through her first lesbian sex experience in a scorching threesome that will leave you reeling! 

"Candy Striper Bent Over the Hospital Bed": A Young Nursing Volunteer First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Kate Youngblood

What happens when an 18-year-old candy striper happens upon a patient she finds irresistible? How will she react and what will she do?  

We might not be able to answer this for all time, but we know what happens in this steamy erotica short. In this case, what happens is a scorching rough sex encounter complete with deep throat and this barely legal hot young girl’s very first anal sex!  

"Throat Swab": Taken by My Doctor for Rough and Reluctant Sex by Nancy Brockton

Flora is deathly afraid of doctors, and it doesn’t matter that Dr. Laraway is handsome as hell. She’s supposed to get immunizations and a wellness check so she can travel overseas, but she just can’t handle it. 

Finally, she figures on seduction as a good alternative to medicine. She didn’t know that Dr. Laraway likes it hard, but she finds out! It’s rough doctor/patient sex for her complete with a fast and intense face-fucking rough deepthroat!

"Restraints": A Very Rough Doctor Patient Gangbang Short by Veronica Halstead

Francine can’t believe how upset her sexy doctor is over her failure to stick to the strict diet he’s assigned to her to build up her immunity after a bout with a rare infection. He’s angry enough to teach her a lesson with three of the clinic’s staff members.  

It’s a rough gangbang that is sure to keep Francine motivated not to ignore doctor’s advice again! Sometimes medicine is hard to take, and what could be harder than spanking, slapping, double team sex, rough first anal sex, and double penetration?

"Doctor, Don't!": A Reluctant Anal Sex with Her Doctor Short

Constance Johnston is happy to have her divorce finalized, and as she embarks on her new life, she starts out with an examination by her doctor.  

It all starts innocently enough, but pretty soon, the doctor wants to check more than her temperature! It’s not a tongue depressor he shoves into her mouth, and it’s not a thermometer he rams into her ass. It’s a rough and reluctant first anal sex encounter between this doctor and his sexy patient, and Constance may never be the same!

©2015 Naughty Daydreams Press (P)2020 Naughty Daydreams Audio

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