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The Allen Ginsberg Audio Collection

Auteur(s): Allen Ginsberg
Narrateur(s): Allen Ginsberg
Durée: 3 h et 53 min

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Upon the release of his first published work, Howl and Other Poems, in 1956, Allen Ginsberg became the unlikely force of a movement that would change a generation. Literature, art, sex, love, family, politics; nothing would ever be the same. The Beat Generation was born through Ginsberg and his friends.

This collection of more than two dozen poems in verse and song is the best of the best, celebrating someone who was of his time, ahead of his time, and whose legacy will transcend time.

Included are:
"Howl", "Kaddish", "Pull My Daisy", "A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley", "A Supermarket in California", "Sunflower Sutra", "America", "Many Loves", "To Aunt Rose", "I am a Victim of Telephone", "Kral Majales", "Who Be Kind To", "City Midnight Junk Strains", "On Neal's Ashes", "September on Jessore Road", "Mind Breaths", "Jahweh and Allah Battle", "Lay down Your Mountain", "Don't Grow Old", "Father Death Blues", "Plutonian Ode", "White Shroud", "Sphincter", "Personals Ad", "Hum Bomb", "After Lalon", "Put Down Your Cigarette Don't Smoke", "Charnal Ground", "C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization", and "New Stanzas for Amazing Grace".

©2004 The Allen Ginsberg Trust (P)2004 HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

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classic Ginsberg

Ginsberg is one of the greats. He is blunt, a visionary, funny and is a true artist.

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