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Vincent Van Gogh: The Ambiguity of Insanity

Auteur(s): Giuseppe Cafiero
Narrateur(s): David McCallion
Durée: 7 h et 58 min
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An abrasive itinerary of the presence of women, the landscape, and obsession. Such are the internal paradigms that went through the compelling life of the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Not flesh and blood women, but the woman as a guide: Mrs. Jones, the woman as a mother; Kee Vos; Christine Hoornik of Siena; Margot Begemann. The portrait-women such as Augustine Roulin and Madame Ginoux. And then the backgrounds, endless, unforgettable in this genius's works: Isleworth, Amsterdam, le Borinage, Arles, St. Remy, Auvers-sur-Oise, where Vincent van Gogh spent his life trying to capture the colors, the atmosphere, the light. 

The pain of finitude and his obsession with achieving redemption through art, with intimate and stormy religiosity, with brotherly love, with the French noon sun and, in short, with death. A hard-working and unwavering life where art interacted, in a painful gesture, with the iron will of a hand that never lost its way. 

The life of a beloved and devoted man, silenced by the anguish and despair of creation, who could only find peacefulness when he found his own death. 

Vincent Van Gogh: The Ambiguity of Insanity is a fictionalized biography and gripping novel of the life of the 19th-century Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The author, Giuseppe Cafiero, draws a psychological portrait of the post-impressionist painter through the women that marked his life and the cities in which he lived.

©2015 Giuseppe Cafiero (P)2018 Giuseppe Cafiero

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