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Western Starter Library (Annotated)

Classic Western Box Sets Book 1
Narrateur(s): Philip Benoit
Série: The Flying U Ranch, Livre 1
Durée: 29 h et 51 min
Catégories: Littérature, Western

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This Raging Bull Publishing Box Set contains three classic Western books, including:

The Outlet - Andy Adams (1905)

In 1905, The Outlet was published and introduced a rarely explored side of cattle herding, the business side. There was corruption in business all over the country at the time, and this novel revealed many problems that stripped away the layers of glamour that were associated with life in the West. Through the views of the narrator, a young cowboy by the name of Tom Quirk, it shows that cattle ranching was just another means of survival in a dangerous land. The combined worth of the cattle driven in the novel is astounding and the difficulties that the cattle traders faced shocked many of the readers.

Chip of the Flying U - B M Bower (1906)

All of the boys at the Flying U grumbled - among themselves - when they heard that the Old Man's sister was coming to spend the summer. They didn't want a woman at the ranch, and certainly not one who had just received a medical degree! But if they'd had an inkling of what was really going to happen, they would have done more than grumble.

Betty Zane - Zane Grey (1903)

Inspired by the life and adventures of his own great-great grandmother, Betty Zane was Zane Grey's first novel and launched his career as a master writer of rousing frontier and Western adventures.

Betty Zane is the story of the events culminating in the last battle of the American Revolution, when 200 Redcoats from British-controlled Detroit along with 400 Shawnee Indian attacked the small, wood-palisaded Ford Henry on the western frontier. The heroine of the battle - a young, spunky, and beautiful frontier girl - was Betty Zane.

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