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His Best Man Description

Rod Beton and Travis Walker have known each other almost all their lives; since the third grade, when Rod was the new kid in town and Travis befriended him with Pokémon trading cards and a fruit snack. Apparently Rod’s easy. Since that day, they've had each other's backs, bread and butter, biscuit and gravy...and so on.

Along the way, Rod fell in love with Travis. He's been hoping for some kind of signal from Travis that he returns Rod's feelings. When Travis announces his surprise engagement over Thanksgiving dinner, Rod decides he's done waiting for the impossible. He packs his belongings and heads for Skagit and a new life. Even if Travis suddenly decided Rod was the man for him, would Rod be able to put aside his insecurities?

Travis always knew he was destined to take over the family business. As the only boy, he’s expected to take the helm of the Walker farming operation, and he’s good at it. An engagement to a local girl he’s pals with seems like the perfect solution, gets him mom off his back, and ensures the family line - eventually. When his best friend abruptly leaves town, Travis’ eyes are finally opened to the difference between what is expected of him and what he could expect for himself.

His Best Man is a stand-alone in the Accidental Roots series, a friends-to-lovers m/m romance with an HEA. Bisexual/gay.

©2018 Elise Hansen (P)2018 Elise Hansen
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    Page de couverture de No Pressure
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    Page de couverture de Spring Break
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    Page de couverture de As Sure As The Sun
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    Page de couverture de River Home
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    Page de couverture de Unforgivable
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