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The future of mankind is at stake when a vessel carrying 2,000 colonists is sent to the outer reaches of known space. But not everyone wishes to see the mission succeed, and a band of deadly adversaries threaten to derail the mission at any cost.

Author Alan Dean Foster tells the epic tale of Weyland-Yutani's covenant mission in the first book of the Alien series. From there, the stories follow the colonists in their new life in Origae-6, telling the tale of an epic journey as well as the struggles and dynamics which arise from starting a new life in the backwaters of outer space. An impressive science fiction tale, Alien is a groundbreaking and much-loved audiobook series known the world over.

This series was adapted from its original book form into a blockbuster film franchise, complete with prequels and sequels. Now, the impressive novels that inspired it all have been adapted into audiobooks for an action-packed adventure experience that is a non-stop must-listen experience, with an impressive cast of narrators at the wheel. The audiobooks move through the origin story of the covenant, to the heart-pounding moment audiences first experience a sinister visitor.

These Audible titles bring the world of Alien to life in a new and dramatic way, as the various narrators bring life and tension to each book. The words practically jump out of the speakers dripped in drama, and the emotion-filled performances will have listeners on the edge of their seats unable to pause. A tale of humankind's survival turns to a battle against a deadly and unknown enemy, in a classic yet original story of space invaders and evil unknowns. Listen to these heart-stopping tales to see if Ellen Ripley and company can survive their Alien encounters.  

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