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Sins of Our Fathers Description

Some sins are better left in darkness.

Becca Malone is a fraud investigator freelancing in The Bahamas and searching for the truth behind her father’s disappearance 25 years ago. When Becca’s source leaves her with only a few clues, her plan to follow the trail of breadcrumbs through the Caribbean is thwarted after her small sailboat disappears in a ball of flames.

Sebastian Forde, a former Antiguan drug lord, is grieving a catastrophic loss for which he holds himself responsible. He bargains with God, whom he deems increasingly unresponsive, driving Forde to battle a sense of abandonment and his own declining mental stability. His seething rage tunnels his vision until, having shed everyone and everything that ever mattered to him, only the final goal remains.

Now, Becca has to learn how to stay alive, discover her father’s fate, and win over the man who stayed at her side through discovery and disaster. Join Becca as she explores the many faces of paradise in Sins of Our Fathers.

©2021 Jeffrey L. Pentz (P)2022 Jeffrey L. Pentz
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