Chronicle Series

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4 out of 5 stars 12 évaluations

First Login Description

Corbin is an adventurer; he just hasn’t realized it. He was born in the wrong age - an era where the world has already grown tame. 

With the advent of fully immersive virtual reality, however, that’s all going to change. 

A revolutionary new game - Chronicle - makes much bolder claims than the competition. It offers a perfect simulation in a new world with quests, magic, monsters, and gods - but Chronicle’s biggest draw is something irresistible: While players are logged in, they have extra time to live. 

In Corbin’s world, he may be average; he may work hard for no recognition; he may never catch a break and he may seem trapped - but a new world brings new opportunities, and extra time presents an extra chance. Perhaps he’ll find that he’s not so average after all.

©2017, 2018 Kevin Murphy (P)2018 Kevin Murphy
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  • Livre 1

    • Chronicle, Book 1
    • Auteur(s): Kevin Murphy
    • Narrateur(s): Nick Podehl
    • Durée: 11 h et 47 min
    • Date de publication: 2018-12-11
    • Langue: Anglais
    • 4 out of 5 stars 9 évaluations

    Prix: CDN$ 31,27

  • Livre 2

    • Chronicle, Book 2
    • Auteur(s): Kevin Murphy
    • Narrateur(s): Nick Podehl
    • Durée: 12 h et 12 min
    • Date de publication: 2019-07-24
    • Langue: Anglais
    • 2.5 out of 5 stars 3 évaluations

    Prix: CDN$ 31,27