Diary of an Unlikely Hero

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Diary of an Unlikely Hero - Battle to Save Minecraft Description

Minecraft book: A fun and action-packed adventure suitable for all kids (age eight-14). It follows the journey of an unlikely trio bound by the bonds of friendship, who fight to save Minecraft from the forces of evil, using the power of teamwork. A delightful gift for any Minecraft fan!

Axel Silverblade is descended from a long line of heroes, yet he’s chosen to live his life out as a librarian. Yet, when Minecraft comes under siege from the Ender King, Axel will need to seize the mantle of his legacy and fight to protect the world he loves.

Joined by Darkmist, a hero with a mysterious past, and the beautiful yet vicious Lady Grey, Axel will need to master the ways of a hero. Traveling across Minecraft in search of a lost prophecy, can they hope to defeat the servants of the Ender King and find a way to save their world from destruction?

Meanwhile, an ancient evil stirs in the dark. Old secrets demanding to remain lost are revealed that threaten to shake the very understanding of Minecraft itself....

©2019 Axel Silverblade (P)2020 Axel Silverblade
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    • Diary of an Unlikely Hero - Battle to Save Minecraft - Book 2

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