Dollmaker's Curse

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Clown in the Dark Description

Evil lurks behind a doll’s porcelain eyes and painted smile….

Fiona Garris never believed in ghosts or evil spirits. A loner by nature, all she wants to do is complete her latest freelance assignment and retreat to her city apartment. But when she suddenly inherits the sprawling estate of an uncle she barely knew, Fiona soon discovers that the supernatural is all too real….

Deep within her uncle’s mansion, a vault has been hidden away from prying eyes, built to hold a very special collection of dolls. But these are no ordinary playthings. Each one is a vessel for a lost soul, an evil spirit.

Fiona finds herself caught in a struggle between good and evil, as a sinister dollmaker seeks to gain control of these vile toys. One night, while the house is still and silent, one of these creations—a maniacal clown doll—creeps through the dark halls…eager to spread terror as it once had.

Can Fiona survive long enough to discover the secret to stopping this abomination?

Or will the murderous doll make her its next victim?

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