Future Visions

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Preparing for the Future Description

Twenty-seven years is a long time unless you are trying to save the world.

Nick was enjoying a late fall day, happily skipping his English class, when he was interrupted by a little silver ball. A ball that not only spoke, but claimed to be an alien artificial intelligence sent to warn humanity that a xenophobic alien race was on its way to wipe out every man, woman, and child on the Earth. The catch: They would arrive in 27 years.

Can Nick prepare the world for an invasion that no one knows is coming? Can he gather the people together to do what he can't? Can he move the sciences forward a thousand years in just under 30? Most importantly, can he finish high school?

After all, when someone asks you to save the world, there is only one right answer: "Sure?"

©2022 Jeremy Eaton (P)2022 Jeremy Eaton
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