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Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity into Your Local Church Description

"The local church today stands poised to experience what could be the 21st century's new Reformation: the rise of multi-ethnic churches. Increasingly, church leaders are now recognizing the intrinsic power and beauty of the multi-ethnic church. Yet more than a good idea, it's a biblical, first-century standard with far-reaching evangelistic potential.

But in a Christian culture where distinctions so often and otherwise divide, how can you and your congregation overcome the obstacles in order to become a healthy, fruitful multi-ethnic church of faith? And why should you even try? In Ethnic Blends, multi-ethnic church pioneer Mark DeYmaz provides an up-close and personal look at seven common challenges to mixing diversity into your local church. Through real-life stories and practical illustrations, DeYmaz shows how to overcome the obstacles in order to build a healthy multi-ethnic church. He also includes the insights of other effective, multi-ethnic local church pastors from around the country.

©2010 J. Mark DeYmaz (P)2010 Zondervan
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