Liberty Bell

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Sound the Trumpet Description

Daniel Bradford, a poor young Brit, is separated in a cruel twist of fate from his sister, Lyna, and left to rot in the infamous Dartmoor Prison. His only hope for escape comes when he agrees to a seven-year indenture in America. But he discovers he had traded one imprisonment for another under a cruel and exacting master, Sir Leo Rochester.

But eventually, Daniel marries a young woman, Holly Blanchard, and they settle near Mount Vernon, Virginia. Daniel meets George Washington and experiences firsthand the taste of freedom sweeping the land. Then tragedy strikes and Daniel moves his family to Boston, where he prospers and meets Sam Adams, the flaming patriot for independence. Bound by his loyalty to England, he struggles as he sees two of his sons caught up with the Sons of Liberty.

As the storm clouds of revolution begin to gather, family and friends must take sides as the Colonies are inexorably swept into battle at Lexington and Concord. Daniel, too, must decide his loyalties, not only politically, but deeply personal as well.

©1995 Gilbert Morris (P)2002 Blackstone Audiobooks
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