Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder: Seduction Series

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Seduction: Love, Loss, Leverage, Murder Description

Seduction: Is it okay to take the law into your own hands?       

Can a good person commit heinous acts? 

Meet Ted X. Donovan - rich, well-connected, driven - a one-man wrecking ball.       

Enter Rachel Allen, the unwary prey in Ted Donovan’s cat-and-mouse game. After struggling to recover from a vicious attack, can she rise above her fears to face and survive this new, even more malicious assailant?       

Against the backdrop of worldwide unrest, a ruthless international cartel controls the global economy by whatever means necessary, whether it means blackmailing the US president, employing elite assassination teams, or destroying an African government. No one is beyond their reach — not Ted Donovan, philanthropist and vigilante; U.S. President Franklin Sandford; or Rachel Allen, reclusive writer with PTSD. Despite everyone’s good intentions, a lurking evil sucks them into a web of international intrigue with deadly consequences.        

From the streets of Harlem, Paris, and Africa to the White House and the NYS Appalachians, follow our heroes as they fight for life, love, and country, or die trying.        

Their journey begs the question: How can doing the right thing be so wrong?

Grab a copy of Seduction for a mind-bending, heart-pounding, emotional thrill ride today.

©2015 Carol L. Bluestein (P)2017 Carol L. Bluestein
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