Meridian Wanderings: Earth Mages

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Thy Order Nocturnal: A Futuristic, Magical Science Fiction Fantasy Novel Description

“Remember your training. Should we run afoul of an undead; Vita-D bullets do not kill vampires.”

Earth 2059: The world is changed by the introduction of a chaotic, dark magic energy. Humans have developed extraordinary abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and shapeshifting. Many of these men and women had been previously imprisoned for decades due to the public’s misunderstanding and prejudices. Recently, the United World Government released many of the downtrodden quasi- superheroes and drafted them into defense teams aligned with Shadow Fates, Weregoyles and other mystical creatures to fight the sinister vampires and other undead monsters that threaten to destroy our altered planet.

Della, a human armed with the gifts of (Magic power, etc here), persuasion, and a sharp wit, is forced to join an Earth Mage team and embark on a mission with the daunting task of slowing the rising tide of evil supernatural forces that threaten to destroy all life on Earth. Despite the dire circumstances, Della manages to keep her team loose with a barrage of humorous one-liners that relieve the stress associated with the growing scourge of monsters, as they develop crucial team chemistry resulting from the trauma of intense battles with powerful foes.

Thy Order Nocturnal is a perfect jumping on point in the Meridian Wanderings series. This epic science fiction series will have new readers enthralled and fans of the previous MW books captivated by the heroic tale of... the Earth Mages.

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  • Livre 2

    • Earth Mages, Book 2 (Meridian Wanderings) (Volume 9)
    • Auteur(s): Kira Cul'tofay
    • Narrateur(s): Kira Cul'tofay
    • Durée: 14 h et 27 min
    • Date de publication: 2019-11-27
    • Langue: Anglais
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